Rachel Sharpe Rachel Sharpe

Capital Resolution Campaign

This brief was part of a larger employee engagement project for a national bank, they wanted to create an internal campaign to inspire + encourage employees through their daily targets.

The first route focuses on meeting the faces behind the numbers. Celebrating the employees’ experiences + achievements, discovering what they have learnt + what learnings they can share – highlighting the employees + making them the hero.

Bank employees deal in numbers all day, this route focused on the numbers important to the individual employee. The number of children they have, the time it takes them to get to work, the number of pets, the number of coffees they consume etc; counting all the things that matter to the employee.

‘You Complete Me’ – this second route shows how different elements work together to form an idea; an icon; an object; an event. This campaign route highlights the fact that it takes all of those elements to be ‘complete’ + suggests that without any single element it wouldn’t be the same or even non-functional.

Everyone from the tea-lady to the CEO, working together as a single unit with a common goal achieving great things, completely.