Rachel Sharpe Rachel Sharpe

LIMOSS / London Insurance Market Operations + Strategic Sourcing

The London Insurance Market Operations and Strategic Sourcing (LIMOSS) is the governing body responsible for implementing the TOM (London Market Target Operating Model) within the London insurance market. They source and manage the portfolio of market services that are built as it modernises.


The brief was to create an identity for LIMOSS to be identifiable across the market.


The brief then evolved after our initial client meeting – we were able to develop a more comprehensive approach. An identity for LIMOSS was needed, but the vision was to unify a family of entities together to give a flexible structure for mixed brand communications.

The solution then changed into a design system, so that we would not only be able to provide LIMOSS with an identity but one that would work with + be able to house other brands and their identities.

The design system needed to be flexible with the ability to scale +  allow users to understand which entity was communicating to them at any given time.